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Improve the performance of any building in Park Gate, Southampton, Portsmouth, Havant, Fareham, Chichester and Guildford with our commercial aluminium doors. The doors are fabricated by leading suppliers, made to the highest standards. The windows are thermally efficient, weather-resistant and highly secure. This will make a worthwhile investment to the property.

The aluminium doors we offer are ideal for public sector applications. Improve offices, shops, schools and leisure centres. We can install in a wide range of building types, to enhance both traditional and modern exteriors. The incredibly versatile commercial aluminium doors are ideal for our Park Gate customers.

Make an impression with our customisation options. We offer a selection of styles including aluminium bi-fold, sliding, and front doors for the property. As well as this, our wide choice of colours, finishes and hardware can be made to match the overall look of the commercial building.

Here at ECO Window Solutions, we are specialists in the double glazing industry. We offer friendly, professional customer service, installing efficiently. We have over two decades of experience, which has given us a wealth of practical knowledge and skill. We make sure each customer is satisfied with the project.

commercial aluminium doors park gate

Energy Efficiency

Keep your property at the optimum temperature with our commercial aluminium doors. The aluminium profiles we offer feature a polyamide thermal break. This offer exceptionally low U-Values and results in high-performance values. The profile will keep heat loss at a minimum, and reduce draughts.

The durable double glazing is an innovative solution to keeping the property at an ideal temperature. With a dual-pane system, the glass is able to trap pockets of warm air, keeping the commercial building from losing heat. It also works to prevent an excess of heat in the warmer summer months.

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The security of the building, as well as that of your customers and visitors to the property, is fundamental. That's why each door is integrated with a range of safety features. The double glazing is internally beaded, meaning it can not be removed from the outside. Keep forced entry from occurring with our commercial aluminium doors.

Each door style is fitted with durable multi-point locking mechanisms. This are innovatively designed to prevent unwanted intruders for breaking-in. For example, the aluminium bi-fold doors include a robust lock on the main opening sashes, as well as a shoot-bolt locking system on the floating mullions.

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Range of Products

Match the aesthetic of your business with our variety of commercial door styles. We offer modern aluminium entrance doors, offering a secure entry to the building. We also offer aluminium bi-fold doors as well as sliding doors. These will let natural light stream into the building, for an inviting space.

For a unique finish, the doors come in a range of standard and non-standard colours. These include metallic, woo-structure, dual colour and textured finishes. The doors can be configured with our selection of handles and hardware. We can design these to ensure you give the right impression.


Enjoy a weather-resistant door that keeps draughts out and keeps the heat in. The profiles feature EPDM high-quality gaskets, as well as weather brushes to prevent weather damage. The doors will prevent water ingress and cold winds from getting into your commercial building.

Increased Light

The doors we offer come with durable double glazing as standard. This maximises the light that streams into the commercial building, resulting in a brighter space for visitors to enjoy. Additionally, this can result in reduced electricity bills as you utilise natural daylight.

Low Threshold

Tailor the commercial aluminium doors to your specifications. We have the option for a low threshold on all of our fantastic doors. This means you can have easier access to the property such as wheelchair access, which is fundamental in commercial buildings.

Commercial Aluminium Door Prices Park Gate

Each commercial aluminium door we install is made-to-measure, therefore prices can vary. Depending on the product you’re after, we work to your budget and specifications.

Get an instant quote today for a bespoke price. Just input your style and specifications, and we’ll give you a quote in minutes.

Get in touch via our online contact page and we’ll do our best to answer your queries. Alternatively, give our office a call on 01489 584 396, to ask our team anything about our range!

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commercial aluminium doors price park gate

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