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Victorian conservatories are the perfect extension for those living in older properties here in Park Gate. Based on the traditional faceted design of older conservatories, they make for the ideal year-round social space for you and your family in Hampshire to enjoy. They combine stunning aesthetics with a range of practical benefits for the ultimate home renovation.

Why Choose Eco Window Solutions?

Competitive Pricing

When shopping for conservatories, some home improvements specialists charge extortionate prices. We aren’t like and take pride in offering competitive prices across all our product ranges, including our conservatories. You’ll be able to extend your home whatever budget you’re working with.

Better Extensions

We only work with the best conservatory component fabricators on the market. By choosing Ultraframe and Supalite, we can offer our customers higher quality Victorian conservatories for their homes in Portsmouth. They will retain more natural heat and deliver visually for longer.

Excellent Service

We understand that the process of fit a new conservatory or extension to your home can be a stressful. With that in mind, we work to ensure that the installation is as hassle-free as possible for as the homeowner. We take a duty of care with your home and are polite and courteous at all times.

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Victorian Conservatory Design

Traditional Aesthetics - The design of our Victorian conservatories has been created to replicate the extensions of old. These traditional aesthetics blend perfectly with a period home.

Faceted Styling - Victorian conservatories are designed with either three or five facets, which gives it a pentagonal or hexagonal floor plan, as was traditional in that era.

uPVC Framework - Our conservatories are supported by a robust uPVC framework which can be finished it a wide range of different colours. There’s something to suit every home.

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Market Leading Suppliers

As with any home improvement specialists, our conservatories are built bespoke and to order. However, we supply our conservatory roofs from market leading companies Ultraframe and Supalite. Both are known for producing visually stunning and thermally efficient roof systems for our extensions.

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Multi-Faceted Design

Victorian conservatories are easily distinguished. Unlike other designs which follow a modern rectangular floorplan, these conservatories use a unique multi-faceted design. This makes them perfect for an extra living space, as they are easily filled with natural light from all angles.

Benefits of our Victorian Conservatories

Enhanced Kerb Appeal

Installing a new conservatory onto your home is a fantastic way of improving its kerb appeal. This is where your home becomes more appealing to potential homebuyers. Your home won’t necessarily increase in market value, but it’ll become more desirable, and people could pay more for it.

If you live in an older home, installing one of our new Victorian conservatories could prove to be a shrewd long-term investment. They will maintain the period charm of the property, while the new renovations and double glazing could make it more appealing to potential buyers.

Thermal Performance

Our Victorian conservatories are designed to deliver the perfect thermal performance. The days of a conservatory that are too cold in winter and boiling in summer are long gone. Instead, you’ll have a stunning new social space that remains at the optimal temperature right through the year.

The uPVC framework, insulated columns and double glazed panels all work in harmony to ensure that as little natural heat can escape our Victorian conservatories during winter. In the summer, optional ventilation systems and the roofline work to keep the extension cool and usable.

Strong & Secure

Our Victorian conservatories are designed to be both durable and robust. The uPVC framework has an exceptional natural lifespan and is also fully weatherproof. Many of Ultraframe’s conservatory systems will have been postcode engineered to ensure the roof can withstand predicted wind and rain for that area.

What’s more, our Victorian conservatories all come fitted with high grade locking systems to ensure that they are providing your home with enhanced security levels. You’ll have no concerns that one of our extensions could compromise your safety in your own home. You have total peace of mind.

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What is a Victorian style conservatory?

Victorian conservatory styles often included a Gothic shape to the windows and doors and complicated shapes in the roof, which was often steeply pitched, just like the roofs of Victorian houses.

What are the angles of a Victorian conservatory?

The Victorian 3-part conservatory set at 135-degree angles creates shape and style in a different way.

What is the best position for a conservatory?

South facing conservatories will attract more year-round sun while north facing ones will have less sun exposure during winter.

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