uPVC French Doors Park Gate

uPVC French doors make for a fantastic addition to any home in Park Gate. A back door option, they can be used to connect your home or extension to your garden. This can help connect your indoor and outdoor social spaces better. Alternatively, these doors can also be fitted internally.

Friendly Service

We understand that renovating your home can be stressful at the best of times. To counter this, we offer support every step of the way, ensuring the installation goes smoothly. Each customer is treated individually by our friendly, courteous team of professionals.

Better Quality Doors

When investing in new uPVC French doors, you want to make sure that you’re getting a high quality product. We at Eco Window Solutions are approved members of Sternfenster’s installer network. This ensures we are getting a consistent supply of market leading doors that we can offer you.

Affordable Pricing

We currently work under the same core principles that we laid out when we started all those years ago. Among those was a pledge to competitive prices. We will always work so that our double glazing can be as affordable as possible, while also offering products that cater to our customers’ differing budgets.

french doors park gate

Key Features

• Dual Swinging Opening
• Stunning Double Glazed Panels
• Robust uPVC Framework
• Weather Protection
• Durable Locks
• Full Customisation


Features of our French Doors

Stunning Design - Our uPVC French doors will provide your home with stunning visual appeal. These back doors come with a range of customisation options – find the style that suits your home.

A Brighter Home - With the removal of any central column, these doors allow more natural light in than other back door options. Your home will feel brighter and warmer with our uPVC French doors.

Weatherproofing - Advanced weatherseals mean these back doors provide total protection from adverse weather. You’ll never have to worry about rain or wind damaging your home.


Swinging Opening System

uPVC French doors differ from patio or bi-fold doors as they swing open like a traditional back door. However, these doors come without a central column, meaning both doors can swing open at the same time. They can be manufactured to open in or out, depending on the desired use.


Market Leading Profiles

We work with Deceuninck to install their stunning uPVC French doors across the south coast of England. Manufactured with a long lasting uPVC framework, these back doors are a cut above the rest. They come with a low threshold option to improve ease of access.

uPVC French Doors for Homes in Hampshire

Robust & Durable

Our French doors are manufactured to be as sturdy and long-lasting as possible. We use uPVC for the framework, thanks to its fantastic natural lifespan. What’s more, uPVC is fully weatherproof and will not rot, warp or distort over time.

When partnered with the stunning double glazing that we use, you’ll be investing in uPVC French doors that can keep your family safe. These durable doors are fitted with integral locking systems that enhance the standard of home security on offer even further.


We don’t expect you to pick from a handful of pre-set designs. When you come to Eco Window Solutions, you’ll be able to create truly bespoke home improvement products. This allows you to create products that suit whatever style of home you have effortlessly.

If the traditional white finish of uPVC isn’t to your tastes, then worry not. We have a broad choice of colour finishes, with subtle options as well as more eye-catching ones. You’ll also be able to customise the accessories and any final styling.

Thermal Performance

The uPVC French doors of old delivered a famously bad thermal performance. However, thanks to new developments in technology, all our back doors are impressively energy efficient. The double glazing is manufactured to trap the natural heat inside your home.

By allowing so little warmth to escape, these uPVC French doors keep your home at the optimal temperature all year round. This can potentially lead to you saving money on your energy bills over time, as your heating may not need to be on so high to keep your home in Portsmouth warm.

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Are French doors soundproof?

As interior doors, they typically will not provide sufficient soundproofing to allow simultaneous uses of the space, without some soundproofing.

How long do French doors last?

Interior French doors can last 30-50 years, but an exterior placement can take years off that lifespan.

Do french doors always leak?

If fitted improperly and not treated correctly, any form of external door or window will leak.

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