uPVC French Casement Windows Park Gate

uPVC French casement windows make for a stylish addition to any home in Park Gate. Combining the traditional versatility and durability of a casement window with a touch of European flair, these uPVC windows are a fantastic option for any home across the south coast.

Why Choose Eco Window Solutions?

Longer Lasting Windows

When you come to Eco Window Solutions, you’ll get home improvement products that are built to last. You won’t have to even think about replacements for years, thanks to the inherent durability of our uPVC French casement windows. You won’t be compromising on quality.

Affordable Prices

Despite this, our uPVC French casement windows could be available for much less than you think. We always strive to offer competitive prices on all our home improvement products, with affordable options that allow us to the varying budgets of customers across Hampshire and the south coast.

Better Service

We understand that the process of making renovations to your home is a stressful one. With this, our friendly team members will offer support every step of the way. Our skilled installers are always polite and courteous, removing all waste in the correct manner while completing installations swiftly.


2800 Sculpted Window

Stylish Finish -These sculpted window frames deliver superb visual appeal inside and out. The unique manufacturing process makes for exceptional aesthetics.

Versatile - The design of the sculpted window is versatile. They will enhance the visual appeal of an older home as well as a new one. They’re perfect for everyone.

Accredited - When you come to Eco Window Solutions, you can get sculpted uPVC French casement windows that adhere to the Secured by Design recommendations.


2500 Chamfered Window

Tailored to You - With a wide range of modern and traditional accessory options, you’ll have a wider range of choice for your windows. They’ll be tailored to you.

Weather Resistant - Our chamfered windows provide your home with full weatherproofing, protecting you against even the most extreme wind and rain.

Low Maintenance - Despite such a wide range of practical benefits, these uPVC windows require very little maintenance after the installation has been completed.


No Central Column

uPVC French casement windows are distinguished by their lack of central column. Their design is almost identical to that of the French door, which is why the two are colloquially described as each other’s ‘cousins’. With this, more light can pass through into your home, making it brighter and warmer.


Market Leading Frames

In order to offer our customers better products, we only work with the best manufacturers and suppliers on the market. The frames for our uPVC French casement windows are provided to us by Deceuninck. They are widely considered to be one of the most respected names in the industry.

High Performance French Casement Windows

Thermal Performance

All our uPVC windows deliver an unrivalled thermal performance. With this, they work to trap your home’s natural warmth, keeping it at a comfortable temperature even through winter. This heat is unable to escape thanks to the superb double glazing we use.

The uPVC framework is fitted with internal chambers, which each aid the insulation of the window, ensuring that as little heat can escape as possible. With this, you may not need your heating on as high, allowing you to potentially save money on your energy bills in the long run.

Enhanced Security

We design our uPVC French casement windows to be as robust and durable as possible. The natural rigidity of the materials is partnered with market leading locking systems. As a result, these windows can be manufactured to achieve Secured by Design status.

This means that the frames exceed the police preferred standard for home security, to give you total peace of mind. What’s more, although the window has no central column, it will remain structurally secure in all weather to protect your home from the elements.


When you come to Eco Window Solutions, you’ll be able to design uPVC French casement windows that match your home perfectly. You won’t be picking from a few pre-set options. Your new windows can suit the décor of your home in Park Gate, whether it’s modern or traditional.

Our uPVC French casement windows can be finished in a range of different colours, including the traditional white, darker finishes and authentic woodgrain options. You’ll also be able to choose from a range of different handle and accessory options to create a truly bespoke product.

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Are French casement windows secure?

Highly secure, the Origin French Window features shoot bolts, friction hinges and a unique 4-point locking system, fully integrated to support the moving mullion.

How do French casement windows work?

French casement windows are made up of two windows that push out beyond the envelope of your home.

What are the benefits of French windows?

A set of French windows can greatly reduce your monthly heating and cooling costs as they help save energy and cut down electricity bills by a big margin.

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