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When looking for the most visually appealing home improvement for your home in Park Gate, you should look no further than StyleLine windows and doors. Designed to have a seamless effect, they are stunning home improvement products that are perfect for any home.

Why Choose Eco Window Solutions?

Better Double Glazing

When you choose Eco Window Solutions, you’ll be getting higher quality windows and doors than if you go somewhere else. We only work the best suppliers on the market to ensure that we are providing a better standard of double glazing to our customers in Portsmouth and across Hampshire.

Approachable & Friendly

We have always worked to ensure that the home renovation process is as hassle-free as possible for our customers. We take pride in having an approachable and friendly team, who are on hand to provide support and any questions whenever you need it.

Fair Pricing

Despite offering our customers the complete package when it comes to quality product and service, our double glazing doesn’t cost the Earth. In fact, we take pride in offering affordable, competitively priced products. Our StyleLine windows and doors could be much more fairly priced than you first thought.

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Key Features

• Unique Design
• High Security Locks
• Double Glazing
• Traditional Aesthetics
• uPVC Frames


StyleLine Design

Seamless Corners -The unique manufacturing process of these windows leaves a sleek, seamless design at the corners. This offers stunning aesthetics wherever they are installed.

Customisation - All our StyleLine windows and doors come with a range of customisation options for your home. Choose from a variety of different handles and knockers.

Timber Replicas - The design of the StyleLine range allows them to work fantastic as timber replicas. This makes them a viable option for those renovating an older home in Park Gate.


Unique Design

StyleLine windows and doors offer a different aesthetic to the traditional sculptured or chamfered window frames. The unique manufacturing process – the first of its kind – allows the corners of these windows to look seamless with the sash of the window itself.


Market Leading Suppliers

These windows and doors are an industry-first provided to us by Sternfenster. As a member of their approved installer network, we are one of the only home improvements specialists in this area to offer the StyleLine windows and doors. What’s more, they are of the highest quality.

Why Choose StyleLine Windows and Doors?

Better Aesthetics

StyleLine windows and doors help provide your home with enhanced visual appeal in comparison to other styles of double glazing. The seamless design can transform the aesthetics of your home, leaving it with a stylish, eye-catching finish.

The StyleLine range was designed to suit any style of home. However, they stand out better when fitted to older, period homes here in Park Gate. They are a fantastic alternative for those renovating a traditional property, working to offer similar aesthetics to classic timber windows.

Thermal Performance

StyleLine windows and doors deliver fantastic thermal efficiency. Despite working to replicate the look of wooden windows, they are fitted with modern double glazing. This glass traps your home’s natural heat inside, keeping your home at the optimal temperature all year round.

If you renovate your home entirely with StyleLine windows and doors, you may not need to have your heating on as high to keep your home warm throughout. This can potentially lead to cheaper utility bills in the long run, saving you money over time.

Durable & Long Lasting

Constructed from robust uPVC, our StyleLine windows and doors are tough and secure. You’ll have no concerns over the rigidity of these products, as they are designed to keep unwanted intruders out, as well being fully weatherproof against the elements.

What’s more, the natural lifespan of the uPVC means that you’ll be investing in double glazing that is built to withstand the test of time. If correctly maintained, uPVC home improvement products can last for decades being needing to be replaced. Our StyleLine range is no exclusion to that.

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