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At Eco Window Solutions we are now offering a range of double glazing finance options at competitive rates. With our simple process, rapid response time and flexible terms, you can receive your latest home improvement project with a payment plan that suits your financial situation.

Finance options can help to make creating your dream home more achievable. Get in touch with us today to discuss your next double glazing project and let us help you find the perfect finance solution. We work with you to help you find finance that is based on your individual circumstances.

Why Choose Our Finance Options?


Simple Process

Apply online and find a finance option based on your individual circumstance.


Competitive Rates

We offer a range of competitive rates to suit your requirements.


Rapid Response Time

Receive an offer for your chosen finance option within 24 hours.


Range of Flexible Terms

Borrow between £1000 to £2.5 million over variable periods.


Finance Options

Here at Eco Window Solutions, we are proud to offer finance on our entire range of products. We have a variety of finance options for you to choose from. The three loan types available will give you freedom in choosing one that suits you best.

Unsecured does not secure you against any assets in your home. Secured is a loan type that is tied to your property, securing your assets. This is a second charge behind your mortgage. Finally, a guarantor loan type gets granted by a third party or a 'guarantor'. They can offer support and will have better credit.

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How To Apply

Apply for a loan is incredibly easy. Just complete the four easy steps on the trustworthy finance site Ideal4Finance. Just have on hand details of your income, name of your employer (if applicable), your address and bank details.

Once you have all of this, simply input the information and you'll get a quote shortly. If not then there's no need to worry as one of the reliable team will get back to you.

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Get in Touch!

We are more than happy to discuss our range of finance options over the phone. Just leave your details on our online form, and we’ll contact you.

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