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Enhance the look and feel of your Park Gate property with our timber windows that are made using the highest quality materials. We combine market-leading components with the latest technology for superior results in your home. Guaranteed to last for years, whilst showing very little signs of wear, our installations will provide you with years of unbeatable performance and stunning visuals.

Timber windows will add an elegant touch to any Park Gate property. Classic in design, they are timeless, continuing to look great years after they have first been installed. Transform your space with our beautiful products that never compromise on quality, style or functionality. As a result, they make the perfect addition to any home as they are simple to install and guaranteed to last.

Why Choose Eco Window Solutions?



Improve the soundproofing of your Park Gate property with our made to measure timber windows that are sealed incredibly tightly. This makes them a great solution if you live by a busy main road.


Professional Service

With years of combined experience in the home improvements industry, we are able to offer all our customers a professional, efficient service. Have the confidence in us to deliver unrivalled results.


Quality Guaranteed 

We use market-leading components in all our timber windows, meaning they will very rarely have to be repaired or replaced. Every component we use in our installations is carefully considered.

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Key Features

• Durable
• Long Lasting
• Thermally Efficient
• Weatherproof
• Bespoke
• Classic Design

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To keep up with the ever-changing British weather, our timber windows are incredibly weatherproof. Unlike alternative wooden windows that often swell with water, our products prevent this from happening entirely. Instead, excess rainwater is filtered away from the mainframe eliminating the possibility of further issues concerning damp or mould.

As great temperature regulators, our timber windows prevent your space from overheating or becoming too cold. Consequently, your Park Gate home will stay at a comfortable temperature for longer, making your space far more efficient. Invest in our timber windows today to start experiencing their many benefits. They eliminate the possibility of water ingress and draughts.

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Highly Secure

Protect you and your family in your Park Gate home with our ultra-secure timber windows. We integrate the latest locking mechanisms within each of our modern profiles to ensure they are completely impact proof and resistant to strong force. Consequently, they create a strong barrier against break-in attempts to protect your home throughout the year.

Sit back in the knowledge that our bespoke timber windows are keeping you safe. In addition to the hardwearing locks we use, we continually test our products against current UK Building Regulations.. This is to make sure they exceed the current standards to provide the ultimate protection for your Park Gate property. Our installations are completed with the safety of homeowners in mind.

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Low Maintenance

The timber windows we install are incredibly low maintenance in nature. As a result, they require very little upkeep to ensure they continue to look great at all times. The modern profiles we use contain a series of weather gaskets that prevent dirt and debris from becoming stuck within the frame. Your timber windows will continue to operate to the highest standards.

To suit the style and dimensions of your Park Gate property, our timber windows are made bespoke to your space. We take accurate measurements of your home to ensure our products are fitted precisely. Listening to your specifications at every step of the way, our skilled team are able to make your visions a reality. Enhance the overall performance of your home with our help.

Timeless Timber Windows

Significantly improve the thermal efficiency of your property with our stunning timber windows. We use super-insulated profiles to guarantee no excess heat loss occurs. Instead, warm air is trapped within your space, keeping it at the best temperature.

Timeless in design, our products provide unbeatable visuals that are bound to impress your neighbours and guests. The durable frames coupled with our double glazing panels make for the perfect pairing, the ideal addition for your space.

Our team offer an efficient service to install your new windows quickly. We aim to make the whole process incredibly straightforward, guiding you at every step. After the installation, we clear away all the mess and waste we have caused, leaving your home spotless.

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Add a touch of elegance to your Park Gate home with our timber windows. We also provide installations across Southampton, Fareham, Portsmouth, Havant, Chichester and Guildford. Get a free quote today.

Complete our online contact form if you have any further questions regarding our products. Alternatively, give our team a call on 01489 584 396.

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Are timber frame windows any good?

Fully treated timber windows can have a lifespan expectancy of up to 35 years, 10 years longer than the average lifespan of PVC.

Are timber windows more expensive?

Granted, timber windows are more expensive upfront but the total costs are balanced out in the longer term.

Are timber windows secure?

Lasting up to 60 years, and being the more traditional choice, timber windows are one of the most secure window options on the market.

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