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Take the best components from a house extension and blend them into a conservatory, and you’re left with one of our orangeries. They are a fantastic alternative to the traditional ways of extending your home, providing enhanced privacy levels without compromising on the light and airy feel of a conservatory. They’re the perfect social space for you and your family.

Why Choose Eco Window Solutions?

Better Products

We offer clients better home improvements products than the competition. Our experience in his industry has led to us working exclusively with market leading suppliers. With this, our customers get higher quality orangeries for their homes in Portsmouth and across Hampshire.

Fair Pricing

One of our core values as a business is to cater to everyone with fair, affordable prices. Our double glazing is always competitive with the market, and we have options for the differing budgets of our customers. You could buy one of our extensions for much less than you were expecting.

The Personal Touch

We take pride in the standard of customer service that we offer our customers. Everyone is treated individually, and our friendly team will always be professional and courteous. We offer support every step of the way, working to ensure that the installation process is a stress-free as possible for you.

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Orangery Design

Bricked Walls - Compared to traditional conservatories, orangeries are easily identified by their gorgeous brick walls. These can be made to match your home’s brickwork exactly.

Range of Roof Options - Orangeries can be fitted with a wide array of different roofs. Choose a double glazed option, a tiled conservatory roof or even a double-hipped roof lantern.

Rectangular Floorplan - Fitting with the traditional design of authentic orangeries, ours come with a rectangular floorplan. This makes it easier to fit wide external doors such as bi-folds.

The Best of Both Worlds

Orangeries are colloquially described as being the middle-ground between a house extension and a conservatory. With this, you can have the added practicality of the former without denying yourself the natural brightness of the latter. Because of this, they are becoming increasingly more popular.

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Ultraframe & SupaLite Quality

The roof systems and components for our bespoke orangeries are manufactured by two market leading fabricators. By only working with the best in the business, our entire range of extensions can be of a higher quality than our competitors. They offer better aesthetics, thermal performance and security.

Benefits of our Orangeries


By taking the best components of the other two extension styles, orangeries can be used for a multitude of purposes. What’s certain is that your home will feel roomier and more spacious as a result, as the orangery will feel like a natural extension of your property.

Our customers naturally choose to use their orangeries as a social space – like a second lounge – by fitting speaker systems, lighting panels and furnishing it with sofa and TVs. Alternatively, many of the orangeries we’ve fitted have been used as dining rooms, offices and even kitchens.

Thermal Efficiency

Our orangeries provide exceptional levels of energy efficiency. This is where the extension remains at the optimal temperature, whatever month of the year it is. During winter it will feel warm and cosy. In summer it will feel cool and well ventilated.

The result of this is a room that can used all year round. The days of limited extension use are long gone, and you’ll instead be able to use the orangery as a true extension of your home, spending as much time there as any of other living area.

Enhanced Kerb Appeal

Orangeries are all the rage right now, with more and more people investing in them over a conservatory or extension. With this, they are becoming a more desirable commodity to potential homebuyers. You can appeal to a wider audience by having one fitted.

You may not be looking to move home any time soon, but in the future, this enhanced kerb appeal could prove to be profitable. This is where your home doesn’t necessarily increase in market value, but potential buyers could be willing to pay for your property. They can be a smart long term investment.

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Why are they called orangeries?

Traditionally, orangeries were grand, ostentatious buildings used to grow orange trees in large period homes.

What is the difference between conservatories and orangeries?

A conservatory has the majority of its roof glazed, whereas an orangery tends to have a solid perimeter roof with roof lanterns to allow light in.

Are orangeries hot in summer?

Orangeries can be incredibly warm and welcoming spaces over the winter, and still feel comfortably cool during the summer months.

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