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Here at Eco Window Solutions, we offer the best uPVC casement windows Park Gate has to offer. Casement frames are the most popular windows here in the UK, thanks to their versatility. Whether you’re creating a feature window or filling a smaller one, the casement window is the answer.

Why Choose Eco Window Solutions?


More Experience

When renovating your home, you want to make that you’re working with a reliable double glazing expert. We have over 20 years of industry experience, which has led to us developing a keener eye for detail. Eco Window Solutions have a proven track record of quality installations.


Friendly Service

We understand the home improvements process can be stressful. Our friendly team are on hand every step of the way to ensure that it’s as hassle-free as possible, answering questions and providing support where needed. Have new uPVC casement windows installed couldn’t be easier.


Better Products

We only work with the best installers in the industry, to ensure that we are offering our customers with a better standard of product. These uPVC casement windows are supplied to us by Deceuninck via Sternfenster. These are two of the most respected names in the industry.

upvc casement windows park gate

Key Features

• Versatility
• Structural Rigidity
• Thermal Efficiency
• Long Lasting
• Low Maintenance
• Customisable

Are Casement Windows Good?

Market Leading Suppliers

All our window frames are made using Deceuninck’s stunning uPVC. As members of Sternfenster’s approved network of installers, we can offer these market leading casement windows at competitive prices. They are of a higher quality and last for longer than any other uPVC window frames.

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Colour Finishes

By using uPVC for the framework of these double glazed windows, we can customise the frames to suit your tastes. This includes a range of different colour finishes, including the traditional white of uPVC as well as darker shades too. You can even opt for an authentic woodgrain finish – perfect for older homes.

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Tailored to You

uPVC casement windows are incredibly versatile. You’ll have the option of over 80 different configuration options, including fixed frames and ones with between two and eight panels. There are choices that have top-hung and side-hung openings too. Your windows will be fully tailored to you.

Modern uPVC Casement Windows

Sculpted or Chamfered

The 2800 sculpted profiles come with a stunning sculpted frame that provides enhanced visual appeal over other uPVC casement windows. The sculpted casement frame works wonderfully with any home here in Park Gate. Additionally, the design seamlessly fits with new and older homes alike. These uPVC casement windows come with durable locking systems. As a result, they are available with a Secured by Design certificate.

The 2500 chamfered window will protect you from the unpredictable elements. The sleek design of the chamfered frame means they come with total weatherproofing. Our uPVC casement windows trap natural warmth inside your home. This can save you money on your energy bills in the long run. Customise your casement windows with our wide range of options. You’ll be able to choose from 80 different configurations.

More Robust

The durable uPVC that we use for these windows makes them incredibly sturdy and robust. As a material, it has a fantastic natural lifespan, meaning these uPVC casement windows can survive the test of time. They are also fully weatherproof, remaining structurally sound even in harsh conditions.

Furthermore, these uPVC casement windows are all fitted with durable locking systems, ensuring they offer a better standard of home security. When combined with the natural rigidity of uPVC frame, these windows are more robust than the competition, giving you total peace of mind.

Thermal Efficiency

Outdated windows will struggle to retain your home’s natural heat. However, our uPVC casement windows will keep your house in Park Gate at the optimal temperature, thanks to heat trapping technology within the modern double glazing.

If these windows are installed into an older home that had a poor thermal performance, then you’ll notice a drastic spike your home’s energy efficiency. You won’t need to have your heating on as high, potentially saving you money in the long run, while improving your carbon footprint.

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Are casement windows easy to open?

Casement Windows Are More Secure Than Other Windows. With other windows, breaking the glass makes it easy to fully open the window.

Is it hard to clean casement windows?

Casement windows are among the easiest styles of windows to clean and maintain.

Are casement windows fixed?

Casement windows have the same frame and other characteristics as fixed windows, but their purpose is more ornamental. Fixed casement windows are often installed next to each other or other windows in a row.

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