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Roof lanterns are modern and visually stunning home improvement option for homeowners in Park Gate. Roof lanterns work as an alternative to traditional double glazed roofs and can be fitted onto house extensions, orangeries and any existing flat-roofed area your home may have. These industry leading roof systems deliver unrivalled visual appeal and a consistent performance.

Roof Lantern Design

uPVC Framework - A vast majority of the roof lanterns on the market are made with aluminium. Ours differs from the norm, instead of being made from long-lasting uPVC.

Fixed Pitch - The robust framework allows these roof lanterns to sit a lower fixed pitch without undue structural pressure. This allows more light into the extension below.

Double Glazed Panels - These uPVC roof lanterns are fitted with stunning double glazing. This allows plenty of natural light into the room, while also aiding the thermal performance.

Eurocell Grade uPVC

We work with Eurocell to install these roof lanterns across Park Gate and the south coast of England. They are one of the most respected manufacturers of uPVC products in the industry, which is telling of their quality. uPVC is much more cost effective, allowing more people to invest in a lantern roof.

Range of Sizes

Eurocell’s Skypod roof lanterns are created bespoke. This means that they can be tailored to sit above any size extension or orangery. They can stretch as long and wide as 4m by 2m, and as short as a square 1m by 1m. You’ll be able to specify the exact lengths needed for your extension.

Benefits of our Roof Lanterns

Available as Retrofit

These roofs are a fantastic option if you’re looking to invest in a new orangery or extension. However, here at Eco Window Solutions, we offer a roof replacement service whereby we can fit any conservatory roof or lantern onto an existing extension. This is provided it passes a survey.

Doing this can give the extension a new lease of life, transforming its usability. It will benefit from enhanced weatherproofing and ventilation, as well as a better thermal performance. You’ll be able to use the extension right through the year once again.

A Brighter Home

Whether you’re looking to fit one of our roof lanterns with a new extension or onto an existing one, you’ll benefit from a brighter, warmer room than with an alternative roof. The slim sightlines allow a greater portion of the surface area to be double glazing, allowing more natural light to flood in.

With this, your extension and orangery will feel better connected to your garden, providing your home with the perfect year-round social space for your family. This natural light will flow through into the rest of your home better than any existing roof that may be fitted.

Longer Lasting

By choosing Eurocell as our designated supplier of roof lanterns, we can offer you a product that is designed to last for longer. Eurocell themselves back that up by offering a comprehensive manufacturer’s guarantee with every Skypod.

If correctly maintained, uPVC home improvement products can last for several decades before they reach the end of their lifespan. With this, you can realistically expect one of our roof lanterns to last for a generation if kept clean and looked after. They are built to withstand the test of time.

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