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Aluminium bi-fold doors are the most modern choice for homeowners in Park Gate that are looking to invest in new back doors. They are latest and most innovative back door option – perfect for opening your home or extension into your garden or dividing a larger room into two smaller ones.

Why Choose Eco Window Solutions?

Affordable Prices

Here at Eco Window Solutions, we take pride in our competitively priced double glazing. We have home improvement options to suit every budget, as we believe that every homeowner should be able to renovate when they need to.

Quality Products

Despite such affordable pricing, we only work with the best and most reliable suppliers on the market. As members of Sternfenster’s installer network, we can offer our customers market leaders products, including Smart aluminium and Deceuninck uPVC.

Friendly Service

We treat each customer individually, catering to their needs and offering whatever support they need. Our entire team is friendly and courteous, including our skilled in-house team of installers. They will take a duty of care when working on your home, keeping it clean while also always being professional.

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Key Features

• Unique Folding Panel System
• Triple Glazing Option
• Low Threshold
• Slim Aluminium Framework
• Longer Lasting
• Customisable

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Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors At a Glance

Configuration Options - Our aluminium bi-fold doors come with a wide array of configuration possibilities. They can come with between three-seven eaves and can even be fitted at 90 degrees.

Perfect for Extensions -If you’re also investing in a conservatory at Eco Window Solutions, then you must have them fitted with our bi-fold doors – the two complement each other perfectly.

Aluminium Framing - As the most modern back door option, our bi-fold doors have to be made from aluminium. It’s lighter, longer lasting and provides better weatherproofing and aesthetics.

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Unique Folding Design

Bi-fold doors work to combine the best components of other back door options for the ultimate home improvement product. These doors operate on a discrete in-line slider, with each panel folding to sit neatly at either end. These doors can be configured to open at either side, in the middle, or in-between.

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Smart Aluminium Framing

Aluminium is becoming increasingly popular here in the UK due to its inherent strength and durability. We supply the frames for these bi-fold doors from Smart, working to install their Visoglide 1000 range. Smart are widely accepted as the industry-leaders for aluminium home improvement fabrication.

Modern Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

Unrivalled Performance

Bi-fold doors are designed to perform better and for longer. The high performance aluminium frame is designed to provide your home with a better standard of home security and weatherproofing. They are a market-leading product that stands head and shoulders above the alternatives.

The in-line slider will continue to operate smoothly without the eaves jarring or becoming harder to move. The aluminium framing and glazing will also show no signs of wear and tear for years after the installation is complete. Despite all this, our bi-fold doors require very little maintenance.

Thermally Efficient

Our aluminium bi-fold doors will provide your home with an enhanced thermal performance. By being fitted with our triple glazing option, they can trap more natural heat in your home than any other door. The thermally broken aluminium will support the glazing, for unrivalled energy efficiency.

When you install these doors as a means of connecting a conservatory to your garden, you’ll notice a drastic improvement to the extension’s thermal efficiency. With this, you may not need your heating on as high to keep your extension and your home warm. This could save you money over time.


When you come to Eco Window Solutions, you’ll be able to customise your bi-fold doors to your exact specifications. Typically, customers being bi-fold doors can choose from between two to eight eaves. However, we can cater to bespoke orders, including corner bi-folds, where required.

The aluminium framing can come in a range of different colours; each finished with a powder coating to prevent fading over time. With this, you can tailor our bi-fold doors to whatever style of home you have. Despite being a modern product, they can even complement the look of a more traditional home.

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Aluminium Bi-Fold Door Prices Park Gate 

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Do bifold doors need maintenance?

Bifold doors are a great addition to your home but, in order for them to remain fully functional and prevent damage, regular maintenance is required.

Are bifold doors weather proof?

Technically no, bifold doors are not 100% weatherproof, but neither are the vast majority of other external door options.

Do bifold doors save space?

Bi-fold doors are particularly useful in small rooms or storage spaces, such as bathrooms and en-suites, wardrobes or kitchen cupboards.

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