Edwardian Conservatories Park Gate

Edwardian conservatories are a traditional extension that can complement the styling of any home across Park Gate. Based on the traditional Georgian design, these conservatories follow a rectangular floorplan, delivering simple but effective aesthetics. Our market leading conservatories can be used 12 months a year by you and your family, thanks to a fantastic thermal performance.

Edwardian Conservatory Design

Full Customisation - By using uPVC for the framework, we can offer our customers a wide range of high performance colour finishes for their Edwardian conservatories.

Simplistic Floorplan - Unlike Victorian-style extensions, Edwardian conservatories follow a much more simplistic design. They are built with a traditional rectangular floorplan.

Traditional Aesthetics - Our Edwardian conservatories can suit any home. However, as an older style, they can be designed with accessories that offer traditional aesthetics.

Ultraframe or Supalite Systems

We offer a wide range of conservatory roofs here at Eco Window Solutions. This includes the double glazed roofs you’d typically associate with a conservatory, as well solid and tiled roof systems. All three provide a range of practical benefits and can enhance the visual appeal of any home.

Rectangular Design

Edwardian conservatories are designed with a rectangular floor plan. Sometimes called Georgian conservatories, they the ideal choice if you’re looking to use the extension as a dining room. This rectangular design makes it easy to decorate with a table and chairs without access becoming limited.

Benefits of our Edwardian Conservatories

Tailored to You

When shopping for a new conservatory, you shouldn’t be limited to pre-set designs. Here at Eco Window Solutions, our conservatories and made bespoke and come with a broad variety of customisation options for you. You’ll be able to configure your dream extension with us.

When you choose one of our Edwardian conservatories, you’ll be able to customise the colour of the uPVC framework, as well as adding visual enhancements such as a tiled roof or decorative cornices. You’ll be left with a visually stunning extension that is tailored to you and reflects your tastes.

Year-Round Use

Long gone are the days of an energy inefficient conservatory. Our Edwardian conservatories have been manufactured to provide a superb thermal performance, allowing you to use your new extension right through the year, without it being unpleasantly cold in winter or overly stuffy in summer.

In fact, our conservatories are so thermally efficient that you may not need to have your heating on as high during winter. Not only will you have a new year-round social space, but you could potentially start saving money on your utility bills if you’re replacing an old conservatory with one of our new ones.

Home Security

Our Edwardian conservatories have been designed to be as robust as possible.  All three styles of roof are designed to protect your home while market leading locking systems will be fitted to all windows and doors. You’ll have no concerns over your home security with one of our conservatories.

What’s more, both the uPVC and the double glazing are naturally durable and fully weatherproof. You’ll have no concerns over the structural rigidity of the extension. They are built to withstand extreme weather conditions, including adverse rain and extreme wind.

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