uPVC Casement Windows Park Gate

Here at Eco Window Solutions, we offer the best uPVC casement windows Park Gate has to offer. Casement frames are the most popular windows here in the UK, thanks to their versatility. Whether you’re creating a feature window or filling a smaller one, the casement window is the answer.

Why Choose Eco Window Solutions?

Friendly & Courteous

We take immense pride in the standard of customer service that we offer our customers. Our in-house team of installers will be thoroughly professional when working on your home, while also take a duty of care to remove all waste correctly. Our entire workforce is always friendly and courteous.

High Quality Products

By working with the best suppliers in the industry, we can provide our customers with higher quality home improvement products. This means that our uPVC patio doors will look as good as new for longer, protecting your investment.

Affordable Double Glazing

Despite all this, we always work to ensure that our double glazing our competitive with the market. We don’t believe in pricing our customers out of making their dream renovations, so ensure that our double glazing is as affordable as it can be at all times.


Key Features

• In-Line Slider
• uPVC Framework
• Chamfered Frames
• Robust Double or Triple Glazing
• Durable Locking Systems
• Full Customisation

sliding door

uPVC Patio Door Features

Accessories - Our uPVC patio doors come with a wide range of different customisation options, including handles and glazing options. There’s something for every style of home.

Low Threshold - Our patio doors can come with a low threshold option if needed, whereby ease of access if improved for those in wheelchairs or those with pushchairs.

Slim Sightlines - By using robust uPVC, these sliding doors can come with slimmer sightlines. With this, a more generous amount of double glazing can be fitted to each panel.

patio door

In-Line Slider

uPVC patio doors are distinguished by their unique in-line slider. This means that the panels move to the left or right, rather than swinging open like a typical French door. This also allows these doors to take up less room, making them the perfect option for those with more modestly-sized homes.


Market Leading Suppliers

As approved members of Sternfenster’s installer network, we can offer our customers with uPVC patio doors that have been manufactured by Deceuninck. As one of the continent’s leading fabricators, you should have no doubts regarding the quality of the products we are supplied by them.

Gorgeous uPVC Sliding Doors

Performing for Longer

Our uPVC patio doors are built with product longevity in mind. With this, they are designed to continue to operate smoothly years after the installation is complete, without any jarring or locking. Your patio doors will continue to perform to a factory-fresh standard for longer.

What’s more, the robust uPVC framework is chosen because of its natural lifespan. If correctly maintained, uPVC home improvement products can last for decades. You’ll be making a smart long term investment by choosing Eco Window Solutions for your uPVC patio doors.

Thermally Efficient

Unlike the patio doors of old, these Deceuninck frames are designed to be as thermally efficient as possible. They do a fantastic job of retaining of your home’s natural heat, thanks to the natural insulation provided by the double or triple glazing.

Our uPVC patio doors can help enhance the thermal performance of one of our bespoke conservatories, orangeries or house extensions. In many instances, they help homeowners save money on their energy bills, as you won’t need the heating on as high to keep the extension at the optimal temperature.

Stunning Design

By combining slim sightlines with stunning double glazing and a range of customisation options, our uPVC patio doors deliver unrivalled aesthetics. They can enhance the visual appeal of any room in your home, or any extension or conservatory.

When you come to Eco Window Solutions, you’ll be able to design your uPVC patio doors to your exact tastes. Choose from a broad range of different colour options, with choices for those with older homes as well as modern ones. You can also choose from a range of decorative glazing options too.

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What is life of a patio door?

With consistent light cleaning, but without any major maintenance, sliding patio doors usually last about 30 years.

Are patio doors easy to break?

Most sliding glass doors are made of tempered glass, which can be easily shattered.

How safe are patio doors?

Despite their frame being taken up mainly by glass, a patio door has outstanding security.

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