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Modern conservatory roofs can provide your home in Park Gate with a wide variety of visual and practical benefits. These glazed or solid conservatory roofs can help complete an extension fitting or can give an existing conservatory a new lease of life. We have options for both modern and older homes alike, meaning everyone can reap the rewards of these stunning home improvements.

Why Choose Eco Window Solutions?

Better Service

We take pride in being friendly and approachable as business. Nothing is too much for our team, and we’re on hand to listen to any worries that you may have about the home renovations process. Our customer service levels will help make the installations process as stress-free as possible.

Fair Pricing

We don’t believe in pricing people out of making their home renovations. Our conservatory roofs prices are always competitive with the rest of the market and could be more affordable than you first thought. Our different products can range vastly in price, catering to the differing budgets of our customers.

Quicker Installations

By working with market leading conservatory roofs suppliers, we can offer shorter lead times than other double glazing specialists. Both SupaLite and Ultraframe’s conservatory roofs come with simple installation methods, meaning they are significantly easier to fit, leading to a quicker installation.

Conservatory Roof

Double Glazed Roof

Delivering similar aesthetics to the polycarbonate conservatory roofs of old, these are still the preferred roof option here in the UK. Unlike their plastic predecessors though, these double glazed roofs offer enhanced levels of thermal efficiency, while still allowing the maximum amount of natural light into the conservatory. They are perfect for those looking to connect their home and garden better.

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Solid Roof

Made with anthracite grey solid panels, these conservatory roofs differ greatly from the traditional glazed ones. However, they are a fantastic alternative that can partner with a modern or traditional home effortlessly. These solid panels aid the thermal efficiency and home security on offer with our new conservatories. Installing glass roof panels will still allow the extension to be bright and warm.

Conservatory Roof

Tiled Roof

A far cry from the polycarbonate roofs of old, tiled conservatory roofs deliver significantly different visual appeal. Available in a range of different styles, they are better suited for those with an older home. They can benefit from a range of practical and modern benefits and fully enjoy a conservatory, without compromising on the period charm of their property.

Benefits of our Conservatory Roofs

A New Lease of Life

We fit these stunning conservatory roofs onto new build extensions, but also offer a replacement roof service. This is where – following a successful survey – your old conservatory roof can be replaced with one of our double glazed, solid or tiled alternatives.

This can help give your old conservatory a brand new lease of life. It will provide it with total weatherproofing and will drastically improve the standard of thermal efficiency it delivers. The conservatory will remain at the optimal temperature right through the year.

Improved Visuals

All our three conservatory roofs deliver superb aesthetics when installed with the right home. Our solid roofs suit more modern properties better than our tiled alternatives do. Our skilled team will be able to advise you as to which of the three would work best with your property.

A new conservatory roof, if fitted as a replacement, can drastically transform the visual appeal of the extension. Not only will you enjoy these aesthetics yourself, but your home could become much more appealing to potential homebuyers in the instance that you choose to sell your house.

Market Leading Suppliers

Our conservatory roofs are supplied to use by two of the industry’s most respected manufacturers. SupaLite specialise in a stunning tiled extension roof, allowing them to have perfected the design and performance of the product over many years.

Meanwhile, Ultraframe stand as the country’s most popular conservatory component manufacturer. There are Ultraframe roofs, enhancements and accessories fitted to over two million of the United Kingdom’s conservatories. This is telling of their quality, longevity and visual appeal.

Conservatory Roof Prices Park Gate 

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How long should a conservatory roof last?

For some glass-roofed or polycarbonate-roofed conservatories, you can expect over 20 years of use with the right cleaning and servicing.

Can conservatory roofs be repaired?

Fitting Your leaking conservatory roof can be repaired quickly and cost effectively by replacing old and damaged roof panels with new ones, and resealing weathered joints and seals.

What material is used on a conservatory roof?

There are three materials to choose between for your conservatory roof: glass, polycarbonate, and tiles.

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