uPVC Sliding Sash Windows Park Gate

Installing our uPVC sliding sash windows is a fantastic way of renovating an older home here in Park Gate. A modern replica of the classic vertical sliding windows of old, these frames can complement the design of any period home here in Hampshire and the south coast.

Why Choose Eco Window Solutions?


High Quality Products

By working with Deceuninck frames, we’re able to offer our customers with higher quality uPVC windows. All our home improvement products come from market leading suppliers, to ensure that we are offering our customers with the best possible double glazing that we can.

Personal Touch

We treat each customer individually and take pride in our professional, friendly service. We aim to make the process as stress free as possible for you, by offering support and aftercare to all our customers. Having new uPVC sliding sash windows installed is easy when you come to us.

Experienced Installers

As a business, we have over 20 years of industry experience, allowing us to ensure that each member of our in-house team of installers is expertly trained. They will complete an efficient, professional fitting of your new windows while taking a duty of care to remove all waste correctly.


Key Features

• Authentic Design
• Stunning Double Glazing
• uPVC Framework
• Low Maintenance
• Traditional Accessories
• Strong & Secure


Sliding Window Design

Great Visuals -The design of these uPVC sliding sash windows is simply stunning. They offer fantastic visual appeal, improving the aesthetics of your home.

Accessories - Like the vertical sliding windows of old, these uPVC replicas come with the option of a range of authentic handles and accessories.

Colour Finishes - As a material, uPVC is easy to colour in a range of different shades. These authentic finishes last for longer without rotting or fading.


Traditional Operation

uPVC sliding sash windows work with a vertical sliding system. This is where the bottom sash opens upwards to sit parallel with the top half of the window. Much like the traditional sash windows, these are designed to also tilt inwards as well, to aid ventilation.


Market Leading Profile

As members of Sternfenster’s approved network of installers, all our windows are supplied to us by Deceuninck. They are renowned for providing home improvements specialists with higher quality uPVC window frames. With this, our uPVC sliding sash windows are a cut above the rest.

Vertical Sliding Windows for Park Gate Homes

Thermally Efficient

These uPVC sliding sash windows provide your home with an enhanced standard of thermal efficiency. With two panes of glass sitting within a single frame, the double glazing will work to ensure that your home remains naturally warm, as it will trap the heat inside your home in Park Gate.

With this, your home will remain at the optimal temperature right through the year, even if you live in an older property. With this, you may not need not to have the heating on as high, allowing you to potentially save money on your heating bills and lower your carbon footprint.


You won’t have to worry about compromising on the visual appeal of your home in Park Gate when you come to Eco Window Solutions. We have a broader range of authentic colour options, including woodgrain finishes for those looking for a stylish and elegant finish.

You can also choose from an array of traditional accessories, including sash horns that also aid the rigidity of the door. These windows also come with a wide array of handle options, including authentic monkey tail options. They are perfect for maintaining the period charm of an older home.

Durable & Robust

By combining uPVC with stunning double glazing, you’ll be left with sliding sash windows that are durable and built to last. The spring balances ensure that the window cannot slam shut too, preventing any injuries to you and your family or any damage to the actual frame.

Unlike the sash windows of old, our uPVC sliding sash windows are also fully weatherproof. This means that your home is protected against excessive draughts, as well as many damp spots or leaking that can be caused by the rain.

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Are uPVC sliding sash windows any good?

uPVC windows will usually last between 20-35 years and they are very durable.

How do Sliding sash windows work?

They slide up and down, using a pulley and weight mechanism inside the window frame.

What is the purpose of sash windows?

Sash Windows offers better ventilation because sliding sash windows can open at the top and bottom at the same time, they provide excellent ventilation.

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