Bi-Fold Doors, Hampshire

Bi-Folding doors have become an increasingly popular option for many homeowners throughout Hampshire and the surrounding areas. In recent years, they have become a contemporary and stylish alternative to the more traditional Patio and French doors. While being modern in design, however, they have proven themselves to be incredibly versatile and able to suit both modern and traditional properties.

Featuring high-quality thermal efficiency, weatherproofing and high-quality security, your Hampshire home will be able to massively benefit from bi-folding doors large amounts of natural light, ventilation and an easy access threshold out into your garden and outdoor area. Even when closed, your bi-fold door’s slimline frames provide maximum amount of glass per frame. Bringing in natural light and providing outstanding views whilst protecting you from the worst of the British weather.

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Bi-Fold Door Features

Great For Extensions

A bi-folding door can stretch for almost your entire wall. Making them a great choice if you are looking for a way of opening up your home, conservatory or extension to the outside world. This allows you to utilise your outdoor area as an extension of your living space. As well as bringing the outside in through ventilation, natural light and the ability to bring in some of your plant-life indoors where they can still benefit from the light and air of your garden all year round.

To maximise the amount of living space you have in your property, your bi-folding doors fold back on themselves in a concertina-like fashion. They are able to be put flush against the wall for minimal storage space and allowing you to enjoy your living area unimpeded by any swing arcs or open doors. This also means that, with low thresholds, your garden will also be easily accessible to pushchairs and wheelchairs.

Configuration Choices

Bi-folding doors are incredibly versatile and easily customisable in design, with their configuration of doors able to be selected from a variety of options. This doesn’t just include whether your doors open from the left or from the right, but also includes options for opening from the centre. As well as having a fixed door separate from the folding panels for ease of access to the garden without having to open up your walls every time.

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Durable Materials

Our bi-fold door designs can come in both aluminium and uPVC frames, meaning that you get the choice between two equally hardy materials to best suit your personal taste and property aesthetic.

uPVC is the more traditional double glazing option, fitting with the rest of your uPVC window frames. Not only this but if you are looking for a more traditional timber frame, then uPVC comes in a range of foils to replicate the look and feel of wood, without all of the added upkeep, including sanding, varnishing and repainting.

Aluminium is more modern in its appearance but is suited to both contemporary and traditional properties. With a longer lifespan than uPVC, with an average of 40 years double that of a uPVC’s 25 years, they won’t bend, warp or discolour even after decades of use.

Thermal Performance

A door that is not thermally efficient can cost you a lot of money in heating bills, which is why our bi-fold doors are made to be as thermally secure as possible. With strong double glazing and frames that trap the heat within your property, keeping your home warmer for longer. Because of this, our bi-fold doors are able to help you save you money, as well as decrease your carbon footprint.

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Bi-Fold Doors Designs

We here at Eco Windows pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service throughout Hampshire and the surrounding areas, providing homeowners with top-of-the-range products including bi-folding doors.
We also offer a variety of additional hardware, including handles and hinges, that will make your bi-folding doors perfectly suit to your property.


Our bi-fold doors are made to last. With hard-wearing materials, smooth operation and an appearance that will remain top-quality even after thousands of opening cycles, and years of exposure to the worst of the British weather.

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Bi-Fold Doors Prices, Hampshire

Are you looking to get a set of brand new bi-fold doors for your property in Hampshire? With Eco Windows and Doors, you can design your very own bespoke bi-fold doors from scratch using our free online quoting engine. You will be able to select from a variety of options; including colours, features, materials, sizes and overall style so that you design perfectly suits your property and your own personal taste.

If you would like more information about our range of products or our installation services, feel free to contact us using our online contact form, and a member of our team will be in touch to answer any questions you may have.

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